Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting to Know: Google Chrome

Chances are, you are using Google Chrome right now.  If you aren't, do yourself a favor, go to this link, and download it.  Your life will never be the same.

Seriously, though, Google Chrome, since arriving on the scene in 2008, has been the best browser available. While the other two major browsers have come close, Chrome just "works" with today's internet.  In fact, PCWorld has recently rated them as the top browser in their comparison testing.

When you open up Chrome, please make it your default browser - it will likely ask you for that right away.  Best decision you'll ever make.  When you first open it, you'll be greeted with Google as your home page.  Because of the awesome omnibox, you really don't need Google as your home page - the address bar IS a Google search..

Head over to what I call the tri-bar - that thing right up there with the three lines.

Then head to the settings

Inside settings, you can see where to change the home page and the start up pages.  Add in your favorite website addresses in here (probably best to have them open and copy and paste the addresses) and your Google Chrome is all set!

Future posts will focus on more advanced features of Chrome, but these are the most important features to get started.

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