Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Google Web Designer - It's About Time!

Now before I start this post, I know what Google's focus was with this program. However, we need to be innovators, and that means using tools in a way they weren't exactly meant to be used.

Yesterday, I saw something about Google Web Designer, so I had to check it out.  Today, I went ahead and downloaded it.  It was fairly simple to use, and allows creators to make graphics and webpages all in one.  Although it certainly isn't a robust editor like Dreamweaver or Fireworks, I believe it can be a suitable fill in for both.

I've been looking for a Fireworks replacement for a while, since it is an expensive program. This program could help fill that void.  You can create 3D animations for the web, using HTML5. In addition, you can see the code as you do it, so if you are a serious web developer, you have ultimate control over your project. By putting the graphics and the web design elements together, you create a powerful all in one package.  Oh, did I mention that like most Google products, it is free?

If you like to design websites, graphics, or just like to play around with something new, I highly recommend this. It can be a fun little toy!

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