Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Tips to Startup a Start Up" - #Techeducator Podcast Episode 77 Recap

Start ups are a trendy thing right now, really just putting a new name to the entrepreneurial spirit. But haven't you wondered just what it takes to get a start up off the ground and more than an expensive hobby?  The #techeducator podcast was lucky to be joined by the great leaders of innovative #edtech start ups, including PledgeCents, Crescerence, Storyboard That, and JettPakk. They took questions from the panel and live audience, fielding questions about getting ideas to growing their business to quitting their day jobs. It was a fun conversation that you should check out now here!

Next week, we have our last show of 2014! Join us as we say goodbye to 2014 with a smackdown of our favorite tech tools and tricks from the last year. It looks to be an action packed, fast paced show, so you don't want to miss it! Join us December 14th at 6pm CST for the Edtech Year in Review show!

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